Hotel living....

Prosthetic Makeup Artist On Location

Hello there. Sitting in my hotel room I thought I would write a bit about the life on the road for a Make-Up FX Artist. So often we find ourselves living in hotel rooms while shooting on location. The sacrifices we make to do our job. While on the road you can't see your family, it's hard to take care of daily life chores, your sleep schedule is very erratic, and you diet suffers. Not to mention logistical hassles like work visas and that stuff. But, on the flip side there are good things as well. I love seeing new parts of the world, meeting people from different areas, revisiting places you've been, often getting to film in places that are only open to those on the film crew and otherwise closed to the general public. Also I have seen some truly beautiful locations I would never have seen if I wasn't part of the show I was on at the time. I enjoy waking around the city I'm in and exploring the area around the hotel. Trying new restaurants. I feel blessed to get the chance to get paid to travel and see the world. :-)