Toronto, Ontario - June, 2019

Toronto in June is beautiful!

I haven’t been here since 2001. Back then I was working on Kevin Donovan’s “The Tuxedo” starring Jackie Chan for Dreamworks. We had a lot of fun Make-Up FX gags in that movie. Some proved to be quite challenging. Kevin Donovan is a brilliant director who we had worked with a lot on commercials. This was his first big feature film.

Brings back lots of memories coming back after all this time. It was a dream come true to work with Jackie Chan. I was a huge fan of his movies. He was amazing to watch doing his stunt work. So focused on the craft. Much respect to him and his career.

Also starring in the movie was Jennifer Love Hewitt. I have worked with Jennifer on various projects over the years. “I Still Know…, The Tuxedo and Ghost Whisperer”. She is always fun to work with.

Toronto, Ontario - June 2019

Toronto, Ontario - June 2019