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I was lucky to have been involved in a very fun "Fat Make-Up" for the new Netflix show "Insatiable". Stevie Bettles called me up and asked if I wanted to come work with him on a show he had been hired to build and apply a fat make-up to the lead actress of the show. I of course said yes. We flew to Atlanta, Georgia and applied the appliances to Debby Ryan to give her the look of being much heavier than she really is. The appliances were beautifully made by Stevie and his crew. The silicone color was spot on to the actress and the edges were perfect. I helped prep, pre-paint and apply the make-ups daily as we filmed. Some scenes even had "Patty" in a short pair of shorts and short sleeves which gave us the great opportunity to have her show more skin that needed to be fattened up. 

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