Happy Halloween!!! Joker Make-Up on my Son.

Hello everyone! Happy Halloween! I love being a dad and doing fun makeups on my son and his friends for Halloween. This year my son wanted to be the Joker from The Dark Knight. He has been waiting all year for this. He even grew his hair long just for this day.

For his make-up I used a couple of small Bondo appliances that were encapsulated in plastic. They were sculpted on a flat board and molded with Smooth-On Body Double Silk. I intrinsically colored them with a drop of pax paint. Those were applied with Telesis 5, 99% Alcohol (to blend the edges) and followed with a coating of Bondo stipple. For paint I started with White Aqua Color. I kept it a thin wash of color and had him wrinkle up his forehead and eyes when I applied the color with a white sponge. I followed with black Illustrator and applied it with an Iwata Eclipse airbrush around the eyes. I used Dark Mauve Illustrator for the mouth area and I also applied that with the airbrush. Then I used the black Illustrator to contour and dirty up the look a bit. I did a little bit of brush work around the eyes with the black illustrator. I sealed the whole make-up with Blue Marble Sealer. That's about it. It lasted all day and when he got home hardly any touch-ups were needed!

Joker Make-Up on my son. (Halloween 2017)

Joker Bondo Cheek Appliances