Busy year for traveling!

This year has so far been a very busy year for traveling!

I am about to get on a plane and head to Honolulu, Hawaii. Which has me reflecting on all the places I have been this year.

So far I have traveled to:

Brisbane, Australia

Barcelona, Spain

Toronto, Canada

Seattle, Washington

Los Angeles, California

San Diego, California


Dallas, Texas

Savannah, Georgia

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Manhattan, New York

Albuquerque, New Mexico

St. Paul, Minnesota

All over Oregon

Let’s see what the rest of the year has in store!!!


Toronto, Ontario - June, 2019

Toronto in June is beautiful!

I haven’t been here since 2001. Back then I was working on Kevin Donovan’s “The Tuxedo” starring Jackie Chan for Dreamworks. We had a lot of fun Make-Up FX gags in that movie. Some proved to be quite challenging. Kevin Donovan is a brilliant director who we had worked with a lot on commercials. This was his first big feature film.

Brings back lots of memories coming back after all this time. It was a dream come true to work with Jackie Chan. I was a huge fan of his movies. He was amazing to watch doing his stunt work. So focused on the craft. Much respect to him and his career.

Also starring in the movie was Jennifer Love Hewitt. I have worked with Jennifer on various projects over the years. “I Still Know…, The Tuxedo and Ghost Whisperer”. She is always fun to work with.

Toronto, Ontario - June 2019

Toronto, Ontario - June 2019

Perks of the Entertainment Business!!

Over the years of working in the film business, I have been lucky to work in wonderful locations all around the world. Just last year I got to go to Australia twice! I’ve worked in South Africa, Australia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico and Spain! Not to mention the many States in the U.S. I have been fortunate to work in. If you love to travel, then the film business may just be for you.

Barcelona, Spain 2019

NDA's & Upcoming Work

Hello everyone!

Sadly, due to NDA’s (Non Disclosure Agreements) I can’t post what I have been working on lately. But be sure to check out Marvel’s Avenger’s Endgame!!! I was happy to work on this applying some fun makeups! I can’t wait to see it!!


Check out "Insatiable"!!! Now playing on Netflix!

I was lucky to have been involved in a very fun "Fat Make-Up" for the new Netflix show "Insatiable". Stevie Bettles called me up and asked if I wanted to come work with him on a show he had been hired to build and apply a fat make-up to the lead actress of the show. I of course said yes. We flew to Atlanta, Georgia and applied the appliances to Debby Ryan to give her the look of being much heavier than she really is. The appliances were beautifully made by Stevie and his crew. The silicone color was spot on to the actress and the edges were perfect. I helped prep, pre-paint and apply the make-ups daily as we filmed. Some scenes even had "Patty" in a short pair of shorts and short sleeves which gave us the great opportunity to have her show more skin that needed to be fattened up. 

Check it out on Netflix now!!

"Old Man Trick Shots" by Dude Perfect

Check out this fun video made by the Dude Perfect guys! This is a promo shoot for the film "Uncle Drew". I did not work on "Uncle Drew" but I did get to work on this shoot for Steve Prouty and his company FusionFX. Thanks for having me along Steve!!

Dude Perfect!

Hello everyone!

I just got home to Portland, Oregon from working in Denton, Texas. I had the honor of getting to work for Steve Prouty and his company FusionFX to apply Old Age makeups to the YouTube sensation Dude Perfect! They have the largest YouTube channel on YouTube. 30 million subscribers!! That is impressive!! 

I got to apply prosthetics to Cory Cotton. He is a really nice guy and was really great to work with. I couldn't have asked for a better guy to work with!

Barney Burman, Jamie Kelman, Ralis Khan, and Savannah Suderman were the other artists that filled out the make-up fx department for this job. Everyone did such an amazing job. 

The video premiers on June 4th, 2018!! Watch for it!

Fun little project

Here is a fun little project I put together recently. I was hoping to wear it for Halloween but I didn't get the actual costume put together in time. But at least I got the pack up and running. Added lights and speakers with a sound card that was activated by the proton wand. Yep, I'm just a big kid. 

Website tweaks...

I've been updating and tweaking the website the last few days. I think it looks a little better. I updated the top logo, added a whole new picture gallery for "On The Set/Behind The Scenes". Thought it was fun to see a more candid look at some of the projects I have been lucky to have been a part of. 

Hope you like the new additions.


Wayne Studios, LLC

WS Logo AI Flat White.png

Happy Halloween!!! Joker Make-Up on my Son.

Hello everyone! Happy Halloween! I love being a dad and doing fun makeups on my son and his friends for Halloween. This year my son wanted to be the Joker from The Dark Knight. He has been waiting all year for this. He even grew his hair long just for this day.

For his make-up I used a couple of small Bondo appliances that were encapsulated in plastic. They were sculpted on a flat board and molded with Smooth-On Body Double Silk. I intrinsically colored them with a drop of pax paint. Those were applied with Telesis 5, 99% Alcohol (to blend the edges) and followed with a coating of Bondo stipple. For paint I started with White Aqua Color. I kept it a thin wash of color and had him wrinkle up his forehead and eyes when I applied the color with a white sponge. I followed with black Illustrator and applied it with an Iwata Eclipse airbrush around the eyes. I used Dark Mauve Illustrator for the mouth area and I also applied that with the airbrush. Then I used the black Illustrator to contour and dirty up the look a bit. I did a little bit of brush work around the eyes with the black illustrator. I sealed the whole make-up with Blue Marble Sealer. That's about it. It lasted all day and when he got home hardly any touch-ups were needed!

Joker Make-Up on my son. (Halloween 2017)

Joker Bondo Cheek Appliances


Hello everyone!

Just writing to remind you that you can follow me on Instagram (@clintonwayne)to see more make-up pictures! I post photos from time to time so you don't want to miss out!! See you there!! 



September Update...

If you have wondered why I have been quiet lately on my site, well I have been working on projects that I can't really talk about. Those darn NDA's we sign forbid me from letting everyone know what I have been up to these days. Let me just say that I am thankful for the work! Thanks for checking in!!  

Stay tuned for more information soon.

Goodbye W.M. Creations, Inc.

Well that sad time has come. W.M. Creations, Inc. has closed its doors in North Hollywood California. I worked at this company for almost 20 years. Matthew Mungle has decided it was time to close it up and move his shop to Austin Texas. He is downsizing it considerably. I want to publicly thank Matthew Mungle and John Jackson for allowing me to work with them during our time together. We had some great times working on some great projects. Throughout the years the core W.M. crew changed but the driving vision stayed the same. That is why I worked with Matthew and John for so long. I wanted to work with people I considered friends and who shared the values I also held. Thank you both for being my mentors and most of all, my friends. 

W.M. Creations, Inc. was an award winning makeup effects studio serving the film & television business. Winning countless Emmy Awards and several Academy Awards during it's time serving the industry. 

W.M. Creations, Inc. main lab.

W.M. Creations, Inc. main lab.

A Look Back: Annie Leibovitz's Disney Hitchhiking Ghosts

Every once in a while you get to work on a project that is extraordinary. One such jobs for me was getting to work on a photoshoot with Annie Leibovitz for the Disney's Hitchhiking Ghosts. We turned Will Farrell, Jack Black and Jason Segel into the classic Disney characters. It was so fun and getting to work with such talented people is something I will never forget.

Click Here for a fun video of a Behind The Scenes look!

Portland Makeup Artist on Netflix Show

Portland Makeup Artist on Netflix show

The Netflix show "I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore" was filmed locally in and around Portland Oregon in the spring of 2016. The Makeup Effects were designed and created by Steve Prouty in Los Angeles. Clinton Wayne was responsible for the "on set" application and rigging of all the makeup effects and prosthetic makeup created by Steve. Clinton was assisted by Christina Kortum on set to bring these illusions to life. Together Clinton and Christina killed off character after character in this dark comedy. Be sure to check it out on Netflix!!!


Clinton Wayne applying makeup on Stuntman Brady Romberg for Season 6 of Grimm.

Clinton Wayne applying makeup on Stuntman Brady Romberg for Season 6 of Grimm.

Portland's Grimm - Prosthetic Makeup Effects

I wanted to share a behind the scenes photo. This is a shot from Season 6 episode 4 "El Cuegle". The appliances were made by Barney Burman's studio B2FX. Barney really made some good stuff for a show that had a really tight turn around schedule.

Grimm's Finale Episode!

Grimm's Final episode! - Portland Oregon's Awesome Prosthetic and Makeup Effects Show Ends after 6 Seasons!

Be sure to watch the final episode of Grimm on Friday March 31st!

I have had the great honor of working with Barney Burman of B2FX on this very fun show. Barney's shop has created some very fun and neat makeups on an insane TV schedule. I consider myself lucky to have been a part of it for two seasons! Every episode had a fun creature character. Congratulations to Barney and his crew on their creations for this show. The cast and crew were great and I will miss working with them. Good times for sure!

Hotel living....

Prosthetic Makeup Artist On Location

Hello there. Sitting in my hotel room I thought I would write a bit about the life on the road for a Make-Up FX Artist. So often we find ourselves living in hotel rooms while shooting on location. The sacrifices we make to do our job. While on the road you can't see your family, it's hard to take care of daily life chores, your sleep schedule is very erratic, and you diet suffers. Not to mention logistical hassles like work visas and that stuff. But, on the flip side there are good things as well. I love seeing new parts of the world, meeting people from different areas, revisiting places you've been, often getting to film in places that are only open to those on the film crew and otherwise closed to the general public. Also I have seen some truly beautiful locations I would never have seen if I wasn't part of the show I was on at the time. I enjoy waking around the city I'm in and exploring the area around the hotel. Trying new restaurants. I feel blessed to get the chance to get paid to travel and see the world. :-)